Your week of slimming menus to gently refine yourself

To feel light-bodied, if you indulged in a short slimming program? Two weeks to tip the scales the right way and feel comfortable in your favorite jeans. Yes, but what to eat without starving? We have concocted you a week of menus for your "diet" (which is not really one). The dream body is yours!

Please note, this is not a diet! Well, not really. Let's say it's more about controlling yourself, balancing your diet, feeling light. Because in two weeks, you do not transform your body: miracle diets that promise the moon in record time are to be avoided because ineffective and dangerous.
To lose weight effectively, you know, you have to learn to lose weight slowly.
No, these two weeks, you will just resume good habits, whether it is by eating healthy thanks to our slimming meal ideas, and relearning to move to accelerate the results of course! Follow our tips and recipes for gentle weight loss ...

To lose weight, you have to eat everything

No need to restrict yourself too much. Indeed, when the body is brutally deprived, it sets up a survival system: it spends less energy. As soon as we give it back (when we resume eating normally), it stores in anticipation of new periods of restriction. This is called the yoyo effect. If for 15 days, you only give him soup and yogurt, then you allow him chocolate and pizzas, you can imagine the disaster! Suddenly, our "diet program" does not prohibit anything: we eat everything, but in reasonable quantities, by limiting the consumption of bad fats and sugars above all. Our worst enemies to all. And to precisely follow the progression of your weight, equip yourself with an ultra-precise impedance meter scale : the youngdo model, informs you about 19 personal data in order to know exactly where you are.

Balanced slimming menus

There is also no need to cause deficiencies. The body needs vitamins (C, A and E in particular), as well as minerals and trace elements (magnesium, iron, calcium, copper ...) to cope with everyday life. do you need? In fruits in moderate doses but especially in vegetables, in all their forms. Good thing, these are also the lowest calorie foods. Result: during these 2 weeks of light menus, we will not deprive ourselves of it. In this slimming diet, it is a fruit at each meal, including breakfast, and vegetables at will for lunch and dinner.

Complete menus to lose weight without hunger

When we often spend too much time locked up, we sometimes feel like snacking all day. To avoid snacking crises, above all, we do not skip starchy foods (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, quinoa, cereals ...). Rich in slow carbohydrates, they slowly diffuse their energy in the body, inducing a lasting feeling of satiety and avoiding the pumping strokes after meals. In addition, they help nourish our brain. To cope with the activity of the day, these menus to lose weight provide for breakfast and lunch (200 g cooked approximately for pasta, rice, quinoa ...). On the other hand, at dinner, before sleeping, they are avoided so as to lower the overall energy intake of the day, without it being difficult during the night. Light menu in the evening, compulsory!

Don't you find everyday life tiring enough like that? So if in addition, you are prevented from eating well ... More seriously, the risk of a bland diet (green beans / steamed fish) is to subsequently compensate for the sacrifices made. Result: zero kilograms less. Or, two kilos more! How to successfully lose weight while having fun all the same? By diversifying the foods, by being curious about your plate, by going to the discovery of new dishes. This program of menus to lose weight gives pride of place to variety: starter / main course / dessert at each meal, fish or meat, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, various starches, a breakfast that changes every day. days ... And above all keep many more festive menus on Saturday and Sunday, without threatening the efforts of the week.

Play sports to support your slimming program

There is no point in reducing energy intake if you do not practice regular physical activity, even moderate. The idea: to spend more energy than the body absorbs. Insofar as it involves calorie expenditure, physical exercise greatly facilitates slimming. As a bonus, it firms up and allows you to reconnect with your body. Essential when you want to feel beautiful!
No question of running 2 hours if you are not a minimum of athletic! First, start by increasing the number of trips on foot (trip to the office / home or metro / office, shopping, dog outing, shopping, walking with the children ...) and abandon the elevators and escalators once and for all. Go out on weekends because moving outside increases energy expenditure tenfold: playing with the children, taking an active bike ride (not nonchalant of course), a hike, an hour in the swimming pool ... The gym? And why not ?

Meal to lose weight: a slimming day

Healthy breakfast menu

Every good day starts with a solid breakfast. Indispensable, it must break the night fast, allow the body to replenish its reserves and avoid the pumping strokes of the day.

-1 fresh fruit for vitamins, minerals and fibers

-1 lean dairy (white or fresh cheese, milk, yogurt ...) for calcium and proteins

-1 cereal product according to your appetite (oatmeal, muesli, bread ...) for slow carbohydrates and B vitamins

- A portion of fat for fatty acids (butter, margarine, olive oil puree)

-1 hot drink for hydration.

Balanced meal for weight loss at lunch
It is an essential time to gain strength. Complete, varied and satiating, a balanced menu to lose weight avoids the cravings of the afternoon and allows not to throw themselves greedily on the dinner.
-1 starter consisting of lightly seasoned vegetables (salad, raw vegetables) and / or lean proteins (oysters, shrimps ...)
-1 dish combining proteins (150 g of low-fat meat or 200 g of fish), 200 g of pasta , rice, quinoa or semolina, and vegetables. also think of legumes and the cabbage family, excellent for health.
-1 dairy in the form of a white cheese, a yoghurt, no cheese (fatty).
-1 fruit, plain or prepared (in the oven, mousse, compote, in foil ...) but without too much added sugar.
Menu for losing weight with a light dinner
Because it precedes the night, a period of less activity, dinner should be lighter. On the other hand, it is important to keep the starter / main course / dessert structure in order to promote satiety even with a low energy intake, and to provide the body with a maximum of food variety. The most motivated can skip the sweet dessert.

-1 vegetable-based starter (a soup, for example)

-1 portion of starches (if possible complete) to ensure the production of trytophan and to sleep well

-1 dish with proteins such as ham, 1 egg, canned tuna ... and vegetables (a dish to lose weight in a way!)

-1 dairy (optional) and 1 fruit (optional)

A week of slimming menus and light meals

Balanced menu for losing weight on Monday

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, wholemeal bread (3 tr.), 10 g of butter, 1 plain white cheese, 1 pear

Lunch: Sliced ​​mushrooms with lemon, Grilled salmon steak / lentils, Cottage cheese with apricot coulis

Dinner: Pumpkin velouté, Leeks with ham, 1 or 2 slices of bread, Orange milkshake, 1 apple

Tuesday weight loss menu

Breakfast: Tea , coffee, infusion,

Whole grain unsweetened cereals (9 tbsp), Skim milk (200 ml), 1 grapefruit Lunch: Quinoa tabbouleh with shrimps, Rabbit / cabbage braised, Red fruit salad

Dinner: Citrus lettuce, tomato and zucchini omelet, Bread, Plain yoghurt, Peach compote

Wednesday weight loss menus

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, Whole carrot (6), 1 tsp. light jam, 5 g butter, Fruity yogurt, 1 kiwi

Lunch: Palm hearts and balsamic vinaigrette, Turkey cutlet with tarragon / turnip and potato fricassee, Cottage Cheese, Fresh pineapple

Dinner: Cream of mushrooms, Zucchini stuffed with thyme, Lean Swiss cheese with fruit, Pear in wine

Thursday diet menu

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion, Sourdough bread (3 tr.), Fresh cheese (100 g), one orange

Lunch: Pasta with tuna and pepper (cold mixed salad: 200 g of pasta , tuna in

brine , peppers), Coffee , Clementines Dinner: Artichoke vinaigrette, Crab salad with spinach, Lemon flan, Fruit skewer

Light Friday menu

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, infusion ... Whole grain unsweetened cereals (9 tbsp) Skim milk (200 ml) 1 conference pear

Lunch: Bean sprouts and sesame vinaigrette Baked cod / rice Basmati with small Bavarian vegetables with vanilla Citrus compote

Dinner: Watercress soup Mussels  Fruity yogurt 0% Oven-roasted apple or pear

Light and balanced Saturday menus and meals

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, herbal tea, Pains au milk (2), Fresh rack, Rhubarb purée

Lunch: Celeriac with mustard, Grilled pork tenderloin / wheat with carrots, Fruit

mix Dinner: Fish terrine, Chicken breast salad and sliced ​​fennel, Milk eggs, Red fruit mousse

Meal for your Sunday "diet"

Breakfast Tea, coffee, herbal tea, Brioche bread (2 tr.), Light jam (1 tablespoon), Milk semolina, Fresh fruit juice (1 glass)

Lunch: 6 Oysters in shallot vinegar, Couscous from the sea, Apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Dinner: Fish soup, Red cabbage fricassee with apples, Bread, White cheese with mint, Fruit Papillote

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