Motivation to lose weight: Top 25 solutions to BOOST your motivation


How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

I want to lose weight but I lack motivation ...

How to successfully maintain a program in the long term to finally lose weight?

When we talk about diet , whether through a sports program or through eating habits - or both at best  - we always come back to talking about motivation.

Because in the end, to achieve the actions that will ultimately lead us to lose weight, you just have to succeed in motivating yourself .

And to keep that motivation long enough .

The problem with motivation is that it is fluctuating, volatile.

And difficult to control.

And so we have to base our chances of success on something that is risky.

Not terrible.

And that is why many people find it difficult to lose weight .

They do not manage to motivate themselves long enough to see the first results and therefore end up giving up .

What a pity

While it might have taken a week or two to see the first results appear ...

Or a few tips and methods to control their motivation more effectively ... And prevent it from flying away 

And justly :

There are many tips & advice to stay motivated day by day

This is the subject of our article today.

In this article, you will discover 25 tips / methods that will help you increase your motivational capacity, and keep it intact throughout your diet (or any other plan you may have ).

We begin ?

1. Ask yourself “why? "

We start with this tip, since it's the one you should use first 

This trick is to take a little thought time .

To ask yourself a question that may seem simple, even simplistic at first glance, but which in reality is much more complex than that.

And this question is "why? ".

Why do you want to do this or that? What do you want to gain for yourself by doing this?

This question is essential for two reasons.

First, it will save you from "unnecessary" projects .

Those who, in the end, did not mean more to you than that… Those of which you had the idea because of another person but who in the end don't really kick you… etc…

Well, that's already a good thing  But it doesn't stop there ...

Second, ask yourself "why?" Will help you cope with the drop in motivation .

Declines in motivation, we will all have to face them one day or another.

But the difference between those who get there and those who give up is that those who do know how to deal with these drops in motivation .

And especially because they know what they want, they know why they are doing it.

And you too will know if you have asked yourself that question before you start.

The key is to define why we want to carry out this project (in this case a diet).

And keep these reasons in mind.

They must be clear and simple.

So, as soon as you have a bit of slack: you will remember it and you will see that the motivation will return immediately.

2. Think about the negative consequences

When your motivation is low and you feel like snacking or eating something unhealthy, or you're too lazy to exercise.

Rather than thinking about the positive sides of the action : instant satisfaction, eating something sweet, staying quiet at home, etc ...

Instead, think about the negative consequences : we are going to screw up a day of effort, we will take more time to achieve our goals, we will have to make efforts for longer, etc ...

This little psychological "hack" is very effective.

Because as soon as you use it, you no longer want the packet of cookies you w'ere about to eat, believe me.

3. Imagine yourself carrying out your new habits

No matter what project you want to achieve, it's all about habits.

And in the end, it is they who make all the difference.

The problem with habits is that we have to manage to incorporate them into our daily lives .

To do this, you have to imagine yourself performing the actions that make up this habit .

The more details there are, the more effective it will be.

When you have the idea of ​​a habit that will help you in the advancement of your project: imagine yourself carrying it out.

Thus, when the real moment comes to perform this action, you will no longer have any problems since your brain will already be prepared to perform it, it will already be somewhat used to it.

4. Compare the two possible futures

To achieve what you want to achieve, you have to make the right choices.

Easy to say, but day to day it is not easy not to fall for it.

And that's why we have to look to the future.

When you are faced with a desire, or on the contrary with a laziness, you have to compare the two possible futures .

See each other in case we make the wrong choice.

And the one where we make the right choice.

Imagine the consequences of your actions and you will see that you will always make the right decision.

This little exercise will help you take action when you need to and not fall for it when you are tempted.

5. Understand that it is only the start that is difficult

It is always the beginning, the start, that is the most difficult .

Who ever said to himself once at the gym: "damn it pisses me off to be here"
Who ever said to himself after cooking a healthy dish: "it annoys me to eat that"

No one.

On the contrary, we are happy and proud to have moved and to have accomplished something during our day.

In reality, all the difficulty is in the start, the click .

Once we have passed that, it's easy, everything is done by itself, without effort .

So keep this in mind, when you're a little lazy: you're already doing the hard part .

If you pass this test, the rest will flow smoothly.

6. Always keep your goals in mind

No matter what you do, there is always one or more reasons why you do it: goals, YOUR goals.

And these goals, they are doubly important.

First, they help you define the actions you need to take to get there.

Second, they will help you stay motivated for the time it takes to accomplish your projects.

And that is why we must keep them in mind, visualize them well.

Because when you have a decrease in motivation, you can remember these goals.

And they will help you to hold on, to cope.

And then, you will have a lot more chances of making the right choice 

7. Rather than big and very difficult changes, focus on small, easy changes.

I know very well that when we have made the decision to change things: we want to do it quickly.

We want everything overnight.

So obviously, that's understandable ... And even commendable in a way.

But unfortunately, it is counterproductive.

Because very few of us have an iron will to be able to change everything overnight and maintain this rhythm for enough time.

No, you have to be smarter. And give yourself a chance to succeed .

Rather than big sudden changes, focus on small, easy changes.

Take it step by step, let habits take hold.

Understand that we are able to change things.

And then, when you feel ready: speed up!

Accentuate changes and always bring new ones.

8. Take the opportunity to turn your daily life upside down at the same time

Use your diet to try and change other habits in your life .

Because, when we decide to change, if we only change one thing (in this case the regime), well, our unconscious will tend to rebel against this change.

The key is to try to use the motivation you have for your diet to embark on one or more other projects that are important to you.

Always in small steps.

And you will see that all these new habits, these new actions will motivate each other and that you will find it easier to accomplish them.

Rather than having just one thing to do and go back to daily laziness.

9. Getting organized to overcome procrastination

Procrastination is everyone's enemy.

It is this that blocks us in almost everything we want to achieve in life.

But luckily, for us, there are ways to bypass it.

The first thing to understand is that it's normal to have a tendency to procrastinate.

It comes from the very structure of our brain.

So, no need to complain.

The second thing to understand is that if procrastination is more and more present, it is because it is linked to concentration.

And as we are constantly solicited by our smartphones, our notifications, our emails, etc ...

We find it more and more difficult to concentrate.

But, don't panic, to counter all these ailments, there is a very effective solution:

The organization .

Think about the project and the actions needed to accomplish it. And write them down.

Make a to-do list.

So when you start your day, you are not in the unknown, not knowing what to do.

You know what to do. And so you do.

As easy as that 

10. For an action to be done every day, the easiest way is to place it after an action that is performed every day.

As I already said above, it is the habits that make the real difference in the success of our projects.

But to incorporate new habits into our daily lives, it is not always easy.

At first, we tend to forget them.

And this is quite normal, because these new actions have not yet become habits, that they have done without thinking.

To do this, you have to be smart.

Rather than placing these actions at random times of the day, try placing them just before or right after an action you already take every day.

For example: when you wake up, before taking a shower, before eating, before going to bed, etc.

This makes it much easier to remember that you have to do this or that.

11. Start light

When we ask the question about what makes the long-term success of a project, and in particular the balance between attendance and intensity: people tend to favor intensity over attendance.


What will really make the difference in the long term: attendance.

It doesn't matter how hard you workout or how much you diet.

If you don't hold it continuously and effectively, you won't have lasting results.

On the contrary, if you make small changes but hold on to those changes precisely and durably: there you will have significant results.

That's why you have to start light.

Think regularity and long term rather than intensity .

Start with new habits and gradually incorporate new ones.

12. Celebrate

From time to time, you have to know how to release the pressure, then start again on the right foot.

You have to know how to realize that you are accomplishing something great and that what you are doing, few people are doing.

And so, you have to know how to celebrate your efforts .

Have fun and be proud of what we accomplish on a daily basis.

Be careful, however, not to abuse it, it could be counter-productive 🙂

13. It is your ability to force yourself through difficult times that will determine your success.

Whatever projects you want to accomplish, you have to face difficulties, at difficult times.

And in general, that's when the vast majority of people give up.

And that's why few of them really manage to achieve what they want.

The key is to be able to recognize these difficult times and be aware that it is precisely at this moment that you have to make an extra effort.

This is where you have to force yourself a little.

Because that's where we make all the difference.

It is this ability to force yourself in difficult times that will allow you to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Who will make you stand out and be the one who succeeds.

And rest assured, again, it's always more difficult at first… once you've done it 2-3 times, it becomes all the easier.

14. When you can't get rid of a bad habit, the easiest way is to replace it with a healthier habit.

Here again, we are talking about habits 

And especially bad habits.

And who says bad habit, obviously says " how to get rid of it ?" ".

And this is where it is not always obvious, because despite the fact that these habits are negative, we are unfortunately attached to them ...

And suddenly, it's not easy to make them disappear overnight.

Fortunately for us, there are some very effective methods.

In particular that which consists in replacing rather than deleting.

Because thus, one does not have to undergo the “suffering” due to the change of habit.

The key is to find a beneficial habit that will look like our negative habit .

For example :

  • rather than snacking on chips or cookies, we eat an apple or a carrot
  • Rather than scrolling Facebook before going to bed (very bad for sleep), we read two or three chapters of a book

Do you get the idea?

Thanks to this method, you can reverse your bad habits quickly and above all easily.

15. "You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most"

This sentence is not mine, it is from Jim Rohn , a famous American entrepreneur, writer and personal development & motivation coach.

This phrase applies perfectly to our problem.

If we are surrounded by sporty and motivating people, we have no problem getting moving .

Unfortunately, it also works in the other direction ... If you are surrounded by people who do not want to make the effort and who let themselves go: you will tend to do the same .

So how do you do it?

And this is where it gets tricky 

Because obviously, there is no question of changing your circle of friends overnight ...

The important thing is to try to spend time each day with people who are pulling you up .

Rather than down.

And these people don't necessarily have to be people you know directly, you can very well take an example from people you don't really know (role models, motivating people, etc.)

16. You won't change your life until you change something you do every day

Another quote  This time from John Maxwell , also an American writer.

Let's decipher together what this sentence means:

It means that big changes are not built by big one-off actions but by small daily actions .

And that rather than seeking to change your life, you should seek to change your daily life .

And that is how we will change our life in the long term.

So rather than developing complex programs, which require great effort, rather seek to change your daily life little by little, to go in the right direction.

In the long run, it's much more efficient.

17. Don't wait to be motivated to take action

This is a mistake made by most people ...

They are convinced that they must be motivated to take action.

When in reality: motivation comes from the action itself .

To motivate yourself, take action .

You will see that the more things you accomplish, no matter how small, the more you will feel proud and confident in your abilities to achieve.

And the more motivated you will be to make new ones.

18. Focus on what you gain, not what you lose

The point of this trick is to come to appreciate the changes rather than lament their difficulty.

To do this, you have to think positively .

And try to focus on the positive aspects that this change will bring us rather than the negative aspects that result from this change .

Example: you have to go for a run for 30 minutes. Rather than saying to yourself, “ah I have to change and go outside; I'm lazy ”, focus on the positive sides:“ ah, I'm going to be able to go and breathe outside; I will be able to take my diet one step further; I will be able to get closer to my goals ”.

It might seem insignificant at first glance, but in reality it makes all the difference.

And all the more so when you know that it is the start that is the most difficult.

Because positive thinking will allow you to make this start easier and behind it, it just happens ... 

19. Use the gaze of others to your advantage

So, I know that with this trick, I will shock more than one.

Because the established morality tells us well: "do not pay attention to the gaze of others, the gaze of others does not count, etc."

But personally, I find it stupid! 

If the gaze of others weighs on you, if you have problems interacting with others because of the judgment they may bring to you.

Now, you can use that as a weapon, rather than trying to ignore it .

Let me explain.

Rather than trying to make the gaze of others that weighs on you disappear, instead try to do everything to change it .

Be careful: I'm not telling you to do what others want you to do. Far from there…

What I advise you to do is to use this weight as a force to carry out the projects that are important to you and which in the long run will make you proud of yourself.

You see what I mean ?

What I advise you: is to be that person who knew how to take charge, who knew how to change his life and accomplish great things .

Who knew how to make the right decisions and knew how to use the eyes of others as fuel 

20. Be aware of the time you waste on trivia

In modern society, we are constantly in demand.

And if it cuts down on our ability to concentrate, it also cuts down on our willingness to make an effort.

We are in instantaneity, all and immediately, we have no more patience ...

And above all, we waste a lot of time in trivialities ...

Whether it's smartphones, facebook, snapchat, image boards, ...

People have no idea how many hours they are wasting each year on totally unnecessary things.

So, once we have made the observation, how to get rid of it?

Well, making this observation is already a very good thing.

Realizing that you waste a lot of time on bullshit is the most important part .

Because, suddenly, we realize that we potentially have time to do things that really matter to us .

Just imagine that you spend 15 minutes less on your smartphone each day.

Imagine all the beneficial things that can be done in 15 minutes a day.

Cook healthier dishes, do some core conditioning, go for a run, do some yoga, read a chapter in a book, ...

The possibilities are endless.

So, rather than wasting your time on trivia, try gradually changing your day to fill it with things that matter and move you forward.

21. Look for the difficulty

Again, I have to make more than one jump 😉

But behind the catchphrase, there is a real reality of life… Which turns out to be very advantageous.

What makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people?

It is their relationship to difficulty.

Some seek to avoid it, while others have understood that it is through it that we really achieve things.

The "winners" have understood that in life, you have nothing for nothing.

And that in order to accomplish, one must know how to suffer .

You have to change your state of mind to go from "it's too hard, it's going to be difficult" to "it will allow me to move forward, it will allow me to go further in what I want to achieve"

Believe me, that makes all the difference, because we no longer approach difficulties as difficulties, but rather as a step of a large staircase that will take us where we want to go.

22. Set yourself stimulating challenges

Like little markers along the way.

The goal is to be able to simultaneously allow you to maintain the satisfaction of accomplishing on a daily basis.

And also to realize that you are moving forward.

Because personal satisfaction is one of the greatest motivators .

So, I can't tell you what kind of challenges you are going to have to set yourself, only you can do it because only you know what motivates you and what you like to undertake.

But it could be, for example, running 5 minutes more than the last time, increasing the speed on the treadmill by 0.5 km / h, succeeding in doing one more repetition on your series, etc ...

What is needed is to find the balance between the goal and your abilities .

Get to set a goal that perfectly matches what you are capable of achieving .

And always to go further and further.

Thus, you will always have the feeling that you are moving in the right direction and surpassing yourself without stopping.

23. Keep busy

As I said before, laziness, laziness and procrastination are the sworn enemies of motivation.

And the problem with these is that they're never far away.

And that they always come back knocking on the door.

And that's why you have to try as much as possible to stay busy throughout the day .

Because in this way, we minimize the chances of bringing them back into our life.

So of course, we shouldn't settle our whole life like music paper either.

You have to leave yourself time to live and room for spontaneity and the unknown.

But you have to try as much as possible to do things that are as interesting as possible .

And fill our daily life to the fullest with actions that are close to our hearts .

So, at the end of the day, we go to bed with a smile on having accomplished great things and going in the right direction.

24. Don't be alone

When you're alone, it's not easy every day to get active and accomplish things on a daily basis ...

That's why when you start a project, I strongly advise you to start with another person .

And as on FeelShaped we mainly talk about sport and diet, I invite you to find someone around you who also wants to change things and get moving.

Don't worry, there are sure to be plenty.

You are not the only person who has had enough of their daily life and who wants to move on.

Having a group of people will allow you to easily cope with declining motivation .

Because you won't have these drops in motivation at the same times as others .

And so, when you have to move, it's all the easier when others push you to do it.

Thus, we motivate each other. A real virtuous circle 

25. Do you find models

And here we are at our last tip 

And that is to look for you models.

Whether they are human, material, psychological, etc ...

Whether you know them personally or not.

What is needed is that these images, these models make you want to move forward, to progress, to take a step in the right direction .

And it could range from a simple picture of a flat stomach on your smartphone wallpaper to getting coached by a friend who does the things you want to achieve.

There are no limits, and no reason to limit yourself, as long as it gets you going in the right direction .

You can even make yourself a small chalkboard with inspirational pictures and photos that you will hang above your desk.

Once again, it's not up to me but up to you to find what will bring you maximum motivation 

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