Drink water to lose weight? 5 rules for losing weight by drinking water


Drinking water to lose weight , does it really work?

Heard about the benefits of water for weight loss , but you don't know how to make it really effective?

And since you can find a bit of everything on the internet, good advice as well as bad, you wonder if it really works?

You are not the only person who finds yourself a little lost in all this deluge of information.

So, drink water to lose weight TRUE or FALSE?

In the following lines, we are going to put everything back together.

You will finally know everything you need to know about water and its role in weight loss ...

But above all how to consume it to lose weight quickly and well .

Because there are a few rules to follow to get the maximum benefit from it.

Some of these rules may seem obvious to you, others are not.

This is why we have taken care to explain them well, so that you do not fall for the trap (as is the case with many people who want to lose weight).

Okay, now what about the water in all of this?

Does it allow you to lose weight more easily?

Let's take a look at the facts first:

Does drinking water make you lose weight?

A study on the subject was recently conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia in the United States.

This study was conducted on two groups of women, all dieting (identical), and therefore losing weight .

• The women in the first group drank a glass of water from time to time when they were thirsty (this is what most people do).

• The women in the second group drank at least two liters of water per day  (therefore water in relatively large quantities, even when they were not particularly thirsty).
Concretely, they consumed two glasses of water before each meal, three times a day.

The results ?

After 12 weeks, the group who consumed more water had lost an average of 2.3 kilograms more than the group who drank water in moderation .

Rather interesting, no?

When we understand how our body works, we realize that it makes perfect sense.

Why drink water to lose weight:

The first thing to understand when looking at the effects of water on weight loss is that the signal our body sends to our brain when we are thirsty is the same as the signal it sends when we are thirsty. we are hungry .

In other words, when you feel hungry, you may very well not be hungry but only thirsty .

Obviously, when we are hungry, we tell ourselves that we are hungry.
And so what we need is food…
And unfortunately we often turn to high-calorie food, which doesn't help matters…

This is the reason why you should drink water regularly throughout the day, so as not to be hungry  when you are only thirsty.

Concretely, when you feel that you are starting to feel hungry, instead of throwing yourself on food, drink water .

And let the magic happen.

Water therefore eliminates a feeling of hunger that does not need to be.

But that's not all…

Water also helps reduce hunger when you are really hungry .

Because it fills our stomachs , and therefore partially reduces our desire to eat .

Which leads us to eat less .

And therefore less weight.

But these are not the only reasons why drinking a lot of water makes you lose weight ...

Drinking plenty of water will speed up your metabolism by about 3% .

As a reminder, metabolism corresponds to all the activity of your body.
This activity requires energy, even when you are not doing anything.

If you speed up your metabolism by 3%, that means you are increasing the energy your body needs to function by 3%.
In other words, you increase the number of calories burned by 3% .

This is another reason why drinking water makes you lose weight.

Now that you know a little more about water and its properties, we can get down to business 

5 rules to follow to lose weight while drinking water:

To lose weight healthily and effectively by drinking water , there are a few rules to follow.

Some may seem obvious, others are far from it.

So be careful 

1) Drink about 2 glasses of water 20-30 minutes before each meal:

You will understand: water helps reduce hunger.

So water leads you to eat less.

And therefore to consume fewer calories.

Which makes you lose weight more easily.

Drink 2 glasses of water 20-30 minutes before each of your meals.

2) Avoid ice water, favor warm water or hot water:

Ice water (and even cold water in general) is more difficult to assimilate by our body than lukewarm or hot water.

Indeed, the temperature of our body being 36.6 ° C, it prefers to receive water at this temperature.

Because he will be able to treat it more easily, and derive the maximum benefit from it.

Consuming ice water is really not the right plan when you want to lose weight (and generally when you want to stay healthy):

• Ice-cold water can cause digestive problems .
Consumed during a meal it can prevent your body from burning bad fats, and therefore from getting rid of them.
The very low temperature of the water will have the effect of solidifying the fats which will then be impossible for your body to process, which will potentially lead you to gain weight .

• Ice cold water causes narrowing of the blood vessels.

• Ice-cold water can damage our immune system by causing our bodies to make more mucus.

For all these reasons, choose lukewarm water or slightly hot water .

Avoid ice water at all costs.

3) Give priority to pure water:

Soda, despite its liquid form, is not water.

Coffee, despite its liquid form and the water added to it, is not water.

Fruit juice is not water.

Etc ...

When we talk about 2 liters of water per day minimum, we are talking about 2 liters of pure water .

The other drinks are not taken into account.

Why ?

Because the different substances that these drinks contain do not allow our body to derive the virtues that water offers .

Our body must process the drink in question to separate the water it contains from added substances.
Which is not always easy.

So before you jump on your favorite drinks (which aren't water), think about your minimum 2 liters of water per day .

I'm not saying you shouldn't drink tea or coffee :

Both have virtues for health and for weight loss (tea is antioxidant, coffee helps burn more fat and suppresses hunger).

Simply, don't substitute them for water if you haven't hydrated enough with it.

If you find that the water is tasteless and you have a habit of adding certain substances (such as syrup) to it to give it flavor, prefer to add lemon juice, pineapple juice, mint, or other fresh fruit.

4) Drink regularly during the day:

When we talk about 2 liters of water per day, we are talking about two liters of water per day spread over the day .

Don't drink your 2 liters of water all at once, like you did with the vocabulary you had to memorize when you were in high school 

You can imagine that drinking 2 liters of water at once will be difficult ... and that your belly might explode (well I may be exaggerating a little, but you know what I mean).

The hydration of your body must be permanent, throughout the day .

5) Favor still water over sparkling water:

Even if these two waters are natural and they are both good for your health, it is preferable to favor still water.

Consumed in too large a quantity, sparkling water can cause stomach problems: burping, flatulence, abdominal distension ...

However, sparkling water is more effective than plain water in suppressing hunger .
So I advise you to have both at hand 

Bonus: prefer water in glass bottles

Plastic bottles are harmful to health (especially when they heat up, which leads to contamination of the water they contain - this is particularly problematic for pregnant women).

This is the reason why it is better to favor water in glass bottles rather than water in plastic bottles.
And in the event that you opt for plastic bottles, make sure that these don't get hot.

Well, there I have to admit something to you: I do not take the lead with that .

In fact, I don't buy any bottled water .
All the water I consume comes from the tap .
In USA, we can afford it.

Personal advice:

Although in USA, tap water is drinkable, it still contains chemicals that are not great for the body .

This is particularly the case in the Paris region.

That's why I advise you to get a filter to filter tap water .

I recently bought a filter at the local organic store, it cost me about fifty euros and it is very practical.

This filter is attached directly to the tap, the cartridge lasts 6 months.

You also have the option of the famous Brita carafe .

And with that, you have no more excuses for not consuming your minimum 2 liters of water per day 


Without feeling like you're on a diet ...

And without regaining all the pounds lost after stopping the diet ...

It may seem surprising, but it is possible 

The thing is, a lot of people resign themselves to thinking that they can never have the body of their dreams, or just have a slim figure.

And it is true that we have already tried so many diets that are difficult to follow ... And at the end of which the results were not really there ...

And especially after which we quickly regained the pounds we had struggled to lose ...

So we tell ourselves that we are weird, or that our genes do not allow us to have a slim and fit body. And that because of our metabolism or our eating habits we will never succeed ...

Except that all of these are just limiting beliefs. Beliefs that make us no longer even give ourselves the means to move forward towards our goals.

And like many women, I almost gave up everything myself ...

I had tested a whole bunch of diets . Some very popular diets, others a little less well known.

Sometimes it worked.
Sometimes not at all.

The big concern is that these diets were difficult to follow .
And above all that they did not allow me to obtain lasting results ...

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