7 perfect exercises for refined and toned thighs (20 min are enough!)

The basis of a fit body is obviously a diet (yes, you get drunk on it, but a balanced diet is better than any magic formula!). However, you can boost the machine to refine, firm up, muscle your thighs. Thanks to these 7 special exercises for the thighs, you will reshape your legs and gain strength. Your body will quickly say thank you! Come on, let's get started!

Too bulky, too thin, too soft... Admit that there is no shortage of reasons to declare war on your thighs. Good news: we bring you on a platter something to make peace and do you good at the same time! The best option would obviously be to accept your body as it is, but it's not always that easy. That said, giving your thighs a little physical activity, with a few targeted exercises, to get in better shape, doesn't hurt.

If you choose this second option, read on! With just 3 x 20 minutes of leg workouts per week, you can strengthen your thigh muscles and tone your legs. You will also gain in general postural stability.
20 minutes... to remodel the inside and outside of your thighs. A leg fitness program that you can easily do at home.

Move to burn fat

If you want to (re)activate your leg muscles, and have even more toned thighs, do an endurance session in addition to these exercises, for example jogging or climbing steps regularly, on a staircase, or virtually on a Stairmaster. 
Not only does this keep you in shape, but mobilizing the muscles in endurance training also burns a lot of fat, even after the effort. So don't hesitate to vary the pleasures: intense exercise and endurance exercises.

Memento: we would like to remind you that regular exercise combined with a healthy and balanced diet is the key to a fit body. 
Are you ready? Discover our 7 simple but effective exercises for toned and shapely thighs!

1 - Knee lifts, a balanced workout:

Balance exercises seem harmless, easy even, but don't trust them! In fact, they are a great workout for the back of your thighs and will quickly warm up your hair at the same time!

Here's how it works:
Gain your stomach by tucking your belly button towards your spine, stand up straight and fix a point on the floor. 
If you wish, stretch your arms out to the side to help with balance. 
> From this position, shift the weight onto your right leg, find a good balance and gently lift your left foot off the floor. Bend your leg forward 15 times without resting your foot on the floor.

> 3 sets with 15 repetitions per side

Variant : If you unfold your leg laterally, this exercise will mobilize the adductors in the inner thighs.

2 - The lunges (or in English lunges):

In this exercise, it is especially the quadriceps at the front of the thighs that will burn!

Here's how it works:
Gain as much as possible your abdominal belt: tighten your stomach, your back stays straight, hips on the same axis. Take a big leap forward by bending your right leg. Make sure the right knee is at the heel and does not extend beyond the toes to protect your knee. 
Return to the starting position and switch sides.

> 3 sets of 15 repetitions per leg

Variant : Correct the effort by holding a dumbbell in each hand to train your biceps at the same time. The lunges can also be skipped. This variation should only be used if there are no knee problems.

3 - The key exercise for more toned legs, squats:

In fact, squats, our ancestors were already doing it in their sports routine. Exercise is a must, and it proves to be very effective for shaping the buttocks and thighs. The name has simply been modernized a little, from bending to squats (much more chic!). Let's get started, buttocks and thighs must sting!

Here's how it works:
Stand up, open your legs about the width of your pelvis, sheath your abs firmly to maintain your back (yes, it may sound strange, but tight abs allow you to keep a straight bust posture). Go down in three steps by bending your knees, while pushing your buttocks backwards, as if you were going to sit on an imaginary chair, and come back up by pressing on your feet (using thigh strength). On the way down, stretch your arms out in front at shoulder level. 

> 3 series of 15 reps

Variant : To further mobilize the inner thighs, spread your legs wider, with your feet pointing outward.

Tip: With a Theraband fitness band you can intensify the effects of your squats. Place the Theraband above your knees around your thighs; the resistance will strengthen your muscles even more.

4 - The Pilates exercise for the thighs: the table with arm and leg extension:

Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts are familiar with this exercise that will mobilize the buttocks as well as the back of the legs, in extension. In addition, you will need to keep your abs and inner thighs well covered so that you don't lose your balance. 

Here's how it works:
Get down on all fours on the floor with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders to maintain proper angles. This will keep your back straight. By the way, by trying to bring the navel closer to the spine without bulging the bust (in plain English, squeeze the belly), you will preserve your back.
The movement : Raise your left heel towards the ceiling, flex your foot and slowly extend your leg in the axis of your back. Tighten the thigh muscles firmly and in this position, make 20 small circles with your foot.

> 3 series with 20 repetitions on each side

Variant : To make the exercise more difficult, extend the opposite arm in front of you. To keep your balance, you'll need to squeeze your buttocks and tighten your thigh muscles.

5 - Lateral scissors, straight legs:

Many people want to firm up and shape the front and back of their thighs, but also want to firm up the inside, the adductors. With this exercise, it works.

Here's how it works:
Lie comfortably on your right side, leaning on the forearm in front of the bust (this will also prevent the bust from sagging). The legs are in the axis of the body.
Tighten the abdominal belt, lift your stretched left leg slightly, and make small spreading movements only with the strength of your leg muscles. The bust does not move.

> 3 sets with 20 repetitions on each side

Variant : If you can, in order to intensify the muscular effort, weight your ankles with small scratch weights. And instead of raising and lowering the leg, make small circles with your leg raised.

6 - Special inner thigh exercise (adductors) :

This is THE area we want to work in par excellence. With age, the muscle mass of the adductor muscles melts like snow in the sun and it is advisable to work it as soon as you can. Your favorite accessory to do this? A simple balloon. You can even store it under your desk and do this exercise as soon as you work while sitting down.

Here's how it works:
It's very simple: standing up, legs spread out the width of your pelvis, knees slightly bent for good posture, chest slightly bent forward and belly msucles well sheathed (to keep your back straight), place a medium sized ball between your thighs. Apply pressure with the sole force of your adductors. 

> 3 sets of 20, with a very small pause between each.

Variant : You can do this exercise on the ground, so it will be easier for you to control the position of your back. Lying on your back, raise your legs, with the ball between your thighs and press with small pressures.
If you do this exercise with outstretched legs, you will also work on the abdominals.

7 - Leg lifts for inner thighs (and hips) :

Depending on the way you lie down, you will be able to muscle the inner or outer thigh on the side. This exercise is ideal for indoors.

Here's how it works:
Lie on your right side, with your right arm on your elbow supporting your head. Place the left leg bent in front of the right. The right leg is stretched out and makes small movements towards the ceiling. Be careful not to arch the lumbar vertebrae.

> 3 sets of 20 repetitions per side

Variant : Instead of simply pushing the leg up and down, small circles can be drawn with the tiptoe of the leg stretched out.
If you have small weighted weights, then correct the intensity by carrying them to the ankle of the working leg.

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